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Sunday, March 9, 2008

NEW BLOG ADDRESS...Please change your bookmarks!

So I've done something horrible to my blog? I'm not sure what I did but it erased all of my sidebars and now is in a new html screen abyss that I can't seem to recover from! So I have switched blog addresses.....please change your bookmarks to this....

I am in the process of setting it up and I'm going to add a quick post so you'll know you're in the right place!

Thanks :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SPC Week 4 {BLUE}

In my world {BLUE} seems to hide in accents.
Small touches here and there, nothing to overtly screaming "HELLO".
Today I wrapped my wet hair in a towel
Not one that matched the bathroom, they were all in the wash.
Instead it was a big fluffy pale blue towel that was purchased,
along with a mate, one day on a whim.
I'm not sure I would have even noticed its' calming shade of blue
if it wasn't for the SPC

Big thanks to JStockwell for choosing my picture last week for one of his
Pictures of the Week. I love
the side by side comparison of mine with Erica's. Different takes on the same
type of day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Run as fast as you can!!!!!!!!!!!

Drop what you're doing and run as fast as you can!! It is confirmed we have an evil case of the Flu (strain A) in our home!

This morning G's temps rose into the 104's, she couldn't stop shaking and her fever wouldn't go down despite meds. Little One also woke up in the night with a cough and a fever...when I called the nurse with G's progress she said to bring her in. Sure enough one test later it is confirmed as the flu. The upside is that if it is caught within 48 hours it can be treated, so our awesome Dr. B wrote out prescriptions for both girls and Bri is on his way to the store to fill them as we speak.

Makes my vomit-itis seem not so horrible.

So if you were lucky enough to stay away from us this week you can breathe a sigh of relief. If you were not lucky enough (Cindy I'm so so so so so so sorry) then I will give you a call so the symptoms arise you can get the kids in pronto.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday in a nutshell

**There is not a barf bucket big enough to hold the volume of vomit coming out of me. I believe I repeated, in a sobbing voice, about ten times in between heaves "This baby doesn't like me!"

**A very sick husband at home is worse than having your eyelashes pulled out one by one. Especially when he claims he is dying and when you made that similar claim a week ago after being laid out by illness he looked at you with irritation and spewed the words "You're not really dying."

**When your oldest child maintains she has the chills all day long you don't just chalk it up to her repeating what she has heard her father say ad nauseum for the last four days.....you take her freaking temperature. Hmmmmm 103.2......yes I do believe you have the chills.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SPC Week 3 {BLUE}

"Taking {BLUE} for Granted"
Looking outside today and actually seeing a beautiful shining blue sky
I realized, in the past, how much I have taken that simple sight for granted! Basking in it even if just for a moment I let the sun shine down warming my face
and letting it know even if it is here for just a moment I appreciate you
blue sky!

Enjoy the other "blue" photos here, at SPC.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sully and Baby Brother!

So clearly I am missing the creative joy I get from taking pictures!
I showed up to pick up Little One from Sully's and in addition to taking the pics of Little One and Sully, I bullied my way into taking pics of his baby brother too! (Okay, I really didn't have to bully mom into letting me take pics...she even let me have my run of the house which is GORGEOUS!)
I have to say I am really loving the idea of more home shoots in the future!
Thanks "H" for letting me break out the camera and take pics of the kids for fun!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day.....do I feel clever?....

YES I DO!!!!
So the high point for me this Valentines Day has been these clever Valentines Day cards! My friend Jen (who should have a blog but doesn't and therefore is still weak!!) sent me an IM a few weeks ago stating "I want to do this" with a link (I didn't save the link in my excitement apparently). Clicking on the link I was like heck yeah we can do this!
I practiced with depth of field first so we would know where to place the hand in order to hold the sucker just right with enough room top and bottom of the picture. Then I tested it on G first. I love sharp colors and the sharp antique wash seemed to fit just right for this occassion. I also added some great elements from Diginirvana(my new favorite digital scrap book place!)When it was Little One's turn for her picture she threw in her own touch of the fancy jeweled crown! Jen and Audrey stopped by Saturday and we took her picture too and antiqued it, added the elements and they were good to go!
The slicing of the slits for the sucker was a bit time consuming but when I had the brilliant flash to use my scrapbook paper cutter it went much faster. After the suckers were inserted the girls thought they were hilarious (in a good way!) Even my dad was suitably impressed when he saw them this morning and asked to take two home.
Hats off to Jen for helping her pathetic friend out by picking up the suckers and envelopes! And she had a fun idea to add flowers in there (little fake stems) for the grandparents which looked adorable and you could actually do a card like that for other occassions like Mothers Day or Birthdays and put the little flower in.
So thanks for the rockin' idea Jen and allowing me to use some of my much wasted creativity on such an awesome project!

And now on with Valentines!
Since Bri knew he was going to be out of town I was surprised to have this fantastic package arrive yesterday! So bright and fun for the day when snow was gusting outside. The little monkey's heart lights up arond the edges and beats wild drums. The girls LOVED it.
He is such a sweet Valentine and it made me miss him even more :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little One's Favorite Valentine!

This is her "best best buddy" Sully whom she believes to be better than sliced bread! The two met in the same preschool class this year and quickly became buddies. Little One loves his nutty side that matches her craziness so well....Sully's mom paid Little One the ultimate compliment when she said "She just gets Sully." She laughs harder than you've ever seen when he grabs her and does a tuck and roll across the floor. They wrestle and play Star Wars and even access their softer gentler side playing kitchen at school. "Sully was the grandpa and I was the sister." It is so sweet to see the two of them playing and not realizing that hey....are girls and boys supposed to have so much fun together?! And even though she can wrestle with him she can still play damsel in distress at school. When another boy is hugging on her and sitting too close, her Sully will come to the rescue..."Mom, Sully saved me today! He's the strongest."
The thing I love about these pictures is they just fell into place beside each other, doing what they normally do. No posing or me saying a word....it was just Sully and Little One being buddies.