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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Key to a Fashion Tantrum

My dear friend Sarah and I collaborated on a Boutique Jaynes launch.

The launch idea was for the talented sewing gals to use patterns created by the amazingly creative Nancy of Studio Tantrum . It defies logic to me that someone could actually come up with a pattern that they then sell so that other people can make this amazing piece of clothing when I can't even thread my sewing machine!

I am hopeless when it comes to sewing, and then I see all these amazing women in the boutique community sewing these creations that make me drool, in my mind I think I can do it! But then I take one look at the sewing machine and repeat the word bobbin over and over in my head until it becomes a foreign word, and I know I cannot.

So sweet Sarah of Stinky Pete and Co. fame comes up with wonderful mix of a Studio Tantrum jacket and her own STINKY POCKET PANTS
Now whenever Sarah asks me to match with her I am on board because she is one of a kind. I absolutely believe that boutiques all over the country should have some Stinky Pete & Co. in their shops, they would be better places for it!

I created a funky fun and unique one of a kind pice with sterling, vintage stained glass and a vintage key with loads of stories to tell. Was it the key to a diary, an old tool chest, a door that once lead to Narnia? Who knows! It is whatever you want it to be!!
I titled it The Key to a Fashion Tantrum and together Sarah and I coordinated our auctions with some funky fun!
And while we have had some kudos for our collaboration and even some lovely fan letters (to Sarah) neither one of us has any bids!!
But we have decided that it isn't about winning the award, it's just about being nominated.....or something like that!!


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