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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Awesome Etsy Find & Current Book Review!

I have to say I am an ETSY addict. Not addicted in the way that I need a twelve step program and my credit card cut up, but addicted in the way that I just love going over there and spying out fantastic treasures that I covet for my own! I have made random purchases here and there from some very talented people and this time I am sure will be no exception! I am going to have the seller stamp the names of my girls on the circle on one side and then do the lines on the other side. I would LOVE to learn how to hand stamp the silver, it has been something I have been interested in for quite awhile but have not had the time to put into learning the process.

This SELLER has a real talent for jewelry design and has been very accomadating on adding or eliminating anything that I may or may not want on the piece! I am going to be ordering today and look forward to its' arrival! A Mothers Day present for me!

Now onto my current book reivew! I have just finished reading DEAR JOHN by Nicholas Sparks.

This book is sort of jumbled, it is as if he started with the idea to tell one story and then realized that there wasn't going to be enough of this story to fill a book so he veered off on another plotline and then again another plotline, not stopping long enough on one idea to see it through.

I really loved the way the story started out, the background of John and his father and how he came to be where he was. I think that Sparks should have focused more on John and his life, the interesting twist of his father and how he came to be the lone parent of John despite having possible autism. But instead the story becomes this somewhat sappy naieve romance between John and Savannah. She was just too over the top to be interesting. I found myself very interested in the parts with John after Sept 11 and the attacks and his place in the attacks as well as going to Iraq with the military but when his "love" for Savannah would come into play it seemed so fleeting considering they had spent so little time together. I just never saw them as this "Romeo & Juliet" couple who were madly in love. It seemed like a summer fling.

So overall I can't say I recommend this book, if Sparks would have spent more time on his main character I think it would have been a much more compelling read!


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