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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Joys of Motherhood

I cannot even begin to express all the joys that motherhood has brought to me. I always knew that I wanted to be a mom, from the time I was little I adored children and babysitting and nuturing. As I grew older I decided that I wanted to work with children in some capacity, in highschool I was a nanny for two highly at risk children that came with a lot of baggage and a divorced set of recovering drug and alcoholic addicted parents that battled each other at every turn. I adored those children, and often times felt like their mother as I would rush to pick up the little girl from school with her stress migraines, holding her head while she threw up and then would lie down with a cold pack on her head at the age of eight.

When Bri and I got married we definitely went back and forth on how many children we wanted. I wanted five, he wanted one or two, as time rolled on and we finally became mature enough to bring children into the world I knew that five was not going to happen, and as a mother thinking about that now I laugh at the notion that I thought I could handle five children! Ignorance is truly bliss when you're a young married woman!

My girls have been everything that I could have dreamed of and so so so much more, they are beautiful and witty and complicated and charming. Their enthusiasm and senses of humor amaze me. I could not count how many times a day I randomly blurt out "I love you so much" to each one of them.

They are everything to me and I look forward to each and everyday knowing that I can spend it with them.

Motherhood is both challenging and rewarding and I highly recommend it!!

Happy Mothers Day


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