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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Playgroup Girls are Growing Up!

I am a nostalgic sucker when it comes to.....well, just about everything! We have clearly established that I have attachment disorder and do not like to say goodbye. I also have some sort of disorder about my girls growing up!! I even have this disorder about other peoples children growing up!! First I hear about sweet Ellie's foray into the land of kindergarten today and then I watch the three little amigos on one of their last official "playgroup dates" before each one heads off to a different Kindergarten next week!!

Where did the time go? These girls have known each other for basically half of their short lives, spending at least three days a week together at school and then Fridays for Friday Playgroup!

For some reason today they seemed older and much wiser, and I wondered how they would each feel walking into their kindergarten classes next week without the familiar site of each other there to greet them!

Audrey our little nut has grown so much, once dubbed "teeny tiny little Audrey" by G she is definitely her own person now. Always stylish and always well versed on the directions to whatever the girls are doing, she keeps everything level between the friends and is the peacemaker!

Kate, our resident diva. She gets everybody spruced up, can work a pair of princess heels like a pro and knows exactly how many brush strokes it takes to get your hair shining for your prince. When told that she would be wearing a uniform at her new school this year her ever so Kate reply was "I don't want to look like everybody else!" She is our drama and has a wonderfully passionate heart!

And my G....a little bit drama a little bit peacemaker...she rides the roller coaster of emotions and gladly brings her friends along with her. Her friends are more than just friends they are her sisters and I hope they will have each other for many many years to come!

And of course we can't forget Little One and Cece (who has already started her new preschool and upon arriving back from school to see a play date commencing without her shouted "Mama why are they playing without me?!?!?!") the two little sisters who have been accepted so wonderfully by these girls! One big family!!

I adore you all my little chickens and thank you for all of the fun and laughter and good luck as you go forth into the world of Kindergarten!


Blogger Carin Davis said...

What a treasure to have such wonderful friends...I can't wait to hear about G's first day @ school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 30, 2007 at 11:30 AM  

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