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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Creativity at full force!

Last week I was on a creativity kick, working on necklaces and earrings for nothing other than my own pleasure! For my mom I created a beautiful bracelet and earring set with her favorite earthy tones. I wish I had snapped a pic of it before wrapping it all up to give to her for mothers day but alas I forgot! I'm going to try and snag it back for a quick photo op at some point. The bracelet had a wonderful sqaure piece of jasper in beiges, browns and ambers as its' focal bead. I then strung the rest of the bracelet with faceted topaz beads that were a handsome 8 mm ish and some small circular citrine. My mom loves toggles clasps so I used a funky sterling round toggle with a sort of Andrew Lloyd Wright feel to it! I then made some earrings in a new style for me, I have never worked with earrings that had sterling link chain so I thought it might be fun to try. From the sterling link I wire wrapped the same citrine that was on the braclet and then some sparkly little brown seed beads and dangled them here and there. It had the cutest movement to it once they were strung on the wire ear piece. She opened them in the car and put it all right on and might I say it looked fantastic on her!! Just her colors.

Then for a friends birthday I decided that while I was in my crafty mood I would make her a bracelet. She loves clean and simple looks so I ended up doing some smaller tumbled jade nuggets, nice and smooth reminding me of perfect mini ice cubes. I dotted some citrine in there that went nicely with the pale green and some bali sterling flowers. It turned out so cute and simple but at the same time very unique, not something you could just walk into a dept store and buy at the jewelry counter!

And then for me!

I found this fantastic little bird bead last fall and fell in love. It is a reverse painted glass bead with the bird on the inside of the bead. There were only two of these beads in a random case of a zillion boxes of beads haphazardly displayed in a shop with poor organization but exqusite finds! I have held onto these bird beads trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with them. I am a person who is creative on my own terms. I can't just whip something up for the sake of whipping something up, which is probably why I have never been a mass lister of my wares! Well the other night I figured out what I wanted to do and made this ever so sweet vintage and dainty looking creation for myself! The first day I wore it I got a compliment from a gal while picking up G at preschool and might I say I beamed from ear to ear since this was my special little bird necklace!

Also on the creativity front this weekend I had the great pleasure to photograph a beautiful wedding up in Memory Grove. The weather was gorgeous, I had a little fear that it would be too too hot but it ended up being quite pleasant since it was a morning wedding and reception, and only started to get toasty around the time I was packing up to leave!

The bride was gorgeous and the groom was wonderful too with a large hilarious family that kept me laughing! I'm going to put a few sneak peeks here and post more this week on the Dandelions and Daisies Photography Blog.

Now I'm not sure if cleaning your workspace counts as creativity or not? But I'm also trying to do that too. It seems like I just get the place cleaned up and inspirationally cute when BOOM I start to get too busy and next thing you know the workspace is like a hurricane has hit it as I try to work with my elbows balanced on top of piles of things that I have shuffled around the desk until they multiply into little baby piles of things that I never seem to get to. Sort of like that dreaded red wall....the red wall that I still have almost finished. BLAH. So today I have used my time wisely and have begun to dejunk the office in hopes of getting it back to its' former glory of inspiration!

OOOOOOOOOOOOH I have started a fantastic book. I resisted reading it when it was first suggested to me by my friend Jen. It sounded depressing and frankly I don't crave depressing the way I did when I was a teenager and would rent "Terms of Endearment" just for fun.
In fact I mentioned to Bri today that I am starting to remind myself of Phoebes mom on friends. When she said her mom never showed them or read them the ending of any sad movies or books. When I show the kids "Finding Nemo" I also start it after the mom is killed. And when I read that Dr. Suess "Horton Hears a Whoo" I cut out the part where the meanies are beating Horton.
So with this book My Sisters Keeper I am so engrossed in it with its' amazing writing style and storyline, I am reading it but carefully skipping the parts that are told from Saras point of view while Kate is young! So clever of me don't you think!! I hope it doesn't take a sudden turn for the "Old Yeller" on me where I can't continue, but so far so good!

And to finish off my lovely post on all things creative I just have to put a shout out to my lovely Gerard.

who embodies all things creative! Definitely he would not be the cup of tea of anyone I know but I just adore this band and everything they do is AOK with me! I thought I would post the picture of him at his creative best, plus he looks quite yummy! (He is 30 so I can say he is yummy!)

Happy weekend to everyone!


Blogger Carin Davis said...

I LOVE your images!!!!! They are fabulous! Visiting your blog has brightened my day!! Thank you for sharing it!!!

May 23, 2007 at 10:07 PM  
Blogger Dandelions & Daisies said...

Awwww my cute Carin!! I'm glad you stopped by!

May 25, 2007 at 10:04 PM  

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