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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Sunday and a Book Review!

Well I'm finally finally feeling almost 100% from the dreaded semi summer cold!

I had a two fun family photo shoots on Saturday and have uploaded quite a few recent shoots to my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG".

My dad's surgery went well, better than he had expected. He was in the hospital Thursday and Friday and then came home. He looks like the weight of the world has been lifted from his shoulders now that the really icky part is over. This is a guy who has never been in a hospital in his whole life so the prospect of not only having to undergo radiation for the last month but then to top it off with the surgery at the end was almost too much for him to take! When we went to see him in the hospital he was his usual hilarious self, we joked around and my mom and I took turns mothering him. Asking him if he needed another pillow, did he want help eating, was he cold? Should we get him another blanket? I'm sure he couldn't wait for us to leave so he could enjoy his crossword puzzles in peace!

Tonight we had my parents over and ordered some yummy take out from The Spaghetti Factory. Hard to believe that he was just lying in a hospital bed and tonight we were slurping up yummy mizithra chesse and clam sauce! We now wait for three months and then they will check his PSA levels again and we'll see how the treatment has worked.

Church today was nice, the girls were really excited to return after a brief absence. Little One made some mighty fine binoculars in Senior Nursery and told us tales of dancing and singing with the other little ones. G was quite pleased with her lesson today about baptism. She told us how she answered the most questions correctly, she even knew what body of water Jesus was baptized in which made me wonder did I know that answer? Perhaps a little more studying on my part might be in order so that I can also raise my hand and answer some questions when they ask!

And now my long awaited book review! Long awaited by whom I am not sure, but I like that phrase so I will use it!

Okay all I can say is WOW. This book was AMAZING.....Jody Picolts writing is so beautiful I wanted to be able to keep each paragraph in my memory for the rest of my life. The story itself was a hard subject, but very timely and I can't tell you how much it made me think. I could easily relate to every single one of the characters and their emotions and decisions or lack of decisions. I adored the character of Anna and could see her so clearly as if she lived down the street from me. It is hard to say too much without giving the story away but I can say you will not regret reading it for a minute. If you have problems dealing with cancer (as I do) it is a harder read. I found myself having to skip some of the more grim times when Kate was small and first diagnosed. And you have to be prepared to invest time in these peoples lives knowing that it isn't going to work out exactly how you might want it to work out, but you won't regret for a second taking the time to read it!

Now onto the next book......and the winner is......

Yes that's right! Another Jody Picoult!! How could I get off the roller coaster of My Sisters Keeper and not want to jump right into another world created by this amazing author! I'm about twenty five pages into it and already I am totally enjoying it!

Well I'm off for now and looking forward to another fun filled week!


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