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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Release Tuesday, Status of Mr. CC and other thrilling news....

I was going for a very "News of the World" title line for this post!

So on the ugh side I am sick. It came on rather rapidly yesterday, at first I thought I was allergic to the horses that were in the parking lot of G's preschool, so I came home popped some Alavert and went on with my day. But by the middle of the night I knew that it was not from a horse. Sore throat, sneezing, general ookey-ness.....I thought general ookey-ness was banned when it was close to summer? Not that you would know it from the weather here. It is freaking FREEZING. Rain and cold temps have made it feel very fall/winter the last two days.

So today was New Release Tuesday which means I got my "The Used" cd! WOO HOO. When I went to the CD store to pick it up I said "I'm loooking for the new Used." The youngster looked at me with a very confused expression. "You're looking for new used?" I got a little exasperated due to my sore throat. "No, I'm looking for the new "The Used" cd." She blinked at me again ala Homer Simpson. "You're looking for new used? How can it be new and used?" Then as I tried to explain it to her again it dawned on her and she showed me where the CD was, right up front. There were two versions, the CD and then the DELUXE edition with the CD and a DVD. Well of course I had to get the deluxe edition because if I am nothing else I am and will always be a music dork!

For those of you who aren't familiar with this band they have hit the big times via good old Utah where they were raised. I didn't really know much about them beyond the fact that the lead singer was Kelly Osbournes boyfriend at one point. But then enter my My Chemical Romance and their duet with The Used "Under Pressure" and I can came to appreciate the lead singers voice enough to try them out.
I listened to four of the tracks before having to retire to the bed due to sickness and so far so good! Bert McCracken the lead singer gets a wee bit screamy for me which I guess is his trademark so on the super screamy songs I check out and head for the next one, but the screaminess is at a minimum up through track four so I'll keep you posted on the rest of the cd as the week goes on.

Second order of business....Cody....or Mr. CC as we like to call him here at the homestead. He will also answer to Codamus Gordon (an homage to The Wild Wild West), C Spot, Coda-lay-hee-hoo, Cease and Desist, and on and on.

Is there a cuter dog than this dog....doubtful! Others might think their dogs are cute but Cody is REALLY REALLY cute. Months back he had a brush with death after a disc slipped out and embedded itself in his spine. Paralysis had begun to set in and surgery was required within 12 hours if we were going to save him and let him have a possibility of walking again. I honestly can't tell you how painful it was for us going back and forth and agnozing over what should be done. We didn't want cost to be an issue (and believe me it wasn't cheap) we wanted his quality of life to be what it was before this happened. With a 90% guaruntee that he would walk again we gave them the ok to do the surgery. It was so sad to see him on the table with bells tied to his neck as he launched into major siezures following the surgery. We visited him two times sometimes three a day with the girls and without for the next week listening intently as they went over the chart and progress as he did hydro therapy and physical therapy. I swear to you this animal hospital was AMAZING...if I ever need surgery I want to go there! Dr. Law was incredible and the staff was also attentive and sweet.

Once he was home we knew it was going to be a long road, the doctor said it could take up to six months if he got his legs back. With determination and positive attitudes we went about helping him get back to his former glory. There were days I wondered if we had made the right decision as he lay there and couldn't even stand or scratch himself let alone walk. We had to take him outside to go to the bathroom and hold him, trying to give him the feeling of having legs. He had a patch shaved to the skin on his back and a long 5 inch wound with big old black stitches that Little One dubbed the "spiders on CC's back".

We decided to include the girls in the whole process, explaining to them what was going on and how we needed to help him. It was definitely a team effort. And I'll be damned if one day he didn't just start standing. It was on three legs but he was doing it, then he started going out further into the yard.....using all four legs and next thing you knew he was gaining strength and running! It was truly amazing.

He had his first haircut since the accident, enough of the fur had grown in that when he was cut short you can't even tell that he had an open wound.

Cody is notoriously quirky with a penchant for attacking people and other dogs. The heart of a German Shepard beats inside the little Ewok and we knew he was back to full Cody strength when he began his random attacks and barking fits at anyone and everyone. You would think that his brush with death might put him in touch with his softer side but not this little guy, and I wouldn't have it any other way. He may have to always be locked up with guests come but at least we still have him with us!

Today G was working on her play-doh again and I had to take pictures. She makes these elaborate stories that she is completed engrossed in involving her play-doh. She makes these little homes with people complete with hair and chairs and sometimes she will have them growing older as the story goes on so they get bigger and their hair gets longer. The other day one of them had lost her mother so she had inherited all of her mothers things. I could hear her doing the story to herself of how the little play-doh speck of a girl had inherited her mothers hats (five little play doh hats lined the top of the cave house) as well has her mothers blankets (a little play doh blanket was on a shelf). It is seriously incredible to listen to her and to see her working on this story with little people the size of a speck.

I need to get a tape recorder or the cam corder to secretly tape the long stories that go on in the land of clay, I think that she will be the writer in the family someday!

Well now my throat is beginning to close up with pain so I'm off to bed and hoping for a brighter tomorrow healthwise!


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