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Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's still hot! (and a book review)

Yes, it is still hot and YES I am still complaining!
Honestly this heat is ridiculous. And the fact that we have a swamp cooler and not yummy A/C doesn't make it much better! I keep hoping that temps will start to drop and then the fantastic ten day outlook flashes across the screen with the triple digits and pulsating sunshine graphics and I just wanna puke. The weatherman on one station was quite excited that we might beat the twenty one day record of triple digits! WOO HOO I'M SO EXCITED TOO!!!!

Summer has been busy with lots of fun photo shoots as well as my #1 job which is being mom to these girls. G has been taking tennis lessons as well as a nature camp and on off weeks from the nature camp she has been doing a musical theatre camp. I'm not sure which one is her favorite, she seems to be an equal opportunity participater in each event and loves them all the same.
Little One has been taking swimming lessons and doing quite well. G is not a fan of swimming, it requires her to put her head under water and she doesn't not think that is such a good idea. A terrible pool experience a few years ago just made the whole situation worse so we just take it slow.
I think I thought that summer would be a time to kick back and relax but it has seemed more hectic than the school year, with all the acitivites and playdates and trying to squeeze work in here and there when I can.

I've been reading quite a bit, finising up "The Tender Bar" which my reivew is "Eh". That is my basically my whole review, just a half hearted "Eh." It was a book that I wanted to love. When I put it down I always wanted to get back to it and see what his life would become. But slightly more than halfway through it just became a chore to finish the book. Here you have this man writing this memoir about his life and he ends up going against the odds of his upbringing to go to Yale and what does he do.....nothing. He just throws away this opportunity because he can. It made me so frustrated. And when he finally did get his act together and do something and start working for the newspaper you just think "you idiot." I guess the moral of the story was you sometimes are doomed to repeat the failures of those around you? I don't know? But the first half of the book is really quite touching and has some lovely characters that this boy had come in and out of his life, although the bar (which was his safe place) was about the least appealing of all the things he clung to to feel safe.

So anyway onward and upward! I started to read "Ninteen Minutes" by Jodi Piccoult but then was sidetracked by a lovely little read that was chosen for my book group.....

"Twilight" By Stephenie Meyer.
People are passionate about this book, it has been so fun to see peoples reaction when I talk about starting to read it. I was more than halfway through when I went to book group and can't wait to finish. It is a young adult read and it is about Vampires which at first I went "Ummmmmmm" but it isn't like your typical Vampire book. It also has a sequel as well as a third one coming out in the next few weeks.

G and I also started the Harry Potter series. Apparently I am the only human being who hasn't read the six books. So together G and I started with book one and so far we are liking it and she is really following along as I read so that makes it fun!

My pal Windsay Benning (wink wink to Windsay from Qusan) has set me up with a sweet new pocket pc for which we had our first training session today. So I'm off to try and edit more pics which I'm loading to the photo blog, complete my assignment that Windsay has given me and read some more chapters of "Twilight".



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