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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Chemical Romance Wednesday

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Ooooh I realized that I haven't posted a "My Chemical Romance" picture lately. Since Megan does "Wordless Wednesdays" I decided this week to do "My Chemical Romance" Wednesay *snicker*.

So let's see, I'll post their picture and then say a little about them.....well first off Gerard does not have blonde hair anymore. So here is my updated version of him.

Now, at this point you are asking yourself "does she not have anything better to do with her time?" and the answer is NO! :) For once in a long time I have absolutely nothing better to do with my time! The girls and Bri are taking a nice afternoon nap. The house is fairly clean, my work is all caught up and it's hot! So I'm enjoying digi scrapping, listening to music, surfing the net and cracking myself up doctoring pictures of "My Chemical Romance" for fun!

Well, time is up! The girls are awake so now I have something better to do.

So for My Chemical Romance Wednesday you have learned that Gerard now has black hair!



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