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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It's too hot!

Okay, it is waaaaay too hot. The girls and I ventured out for a few hours today and by the time we came home we were all miserable and sweaty and grumpy. Even G finally said "let's just go home to our house where it's cool and watch our library movies!" Which is exactly what we did.

The heat has melted my once thriving garden, now the plants all look yellow and brownish and the blooms have wilted away *sigh* and the world outside my window smells like fireworks.

I don't know if it is the heat or just our fair city but man everywhere I went today the customer service sucked. At the library I wanted to see if they had more Jodi Picoult books availabe. The County and City Libraries are laid out differently and shelf their material in different ways so after trying unsuccessfully to find the author I went to the information desk. The girls and I stood there waiting while the woman behind the desk ignored us and continued stuffing cd's back into their boxes. Even when I said to G "Hang on I just need to ask a question" she continued to ignore us despite the fact that we were standing three feet in front of her? Finally she glanced at us.

Me: "I'm looking for Jodi Picoults books?"

Library Dud: "They're under P." (reply said in a put out annoyed voice."

Okay DUH. As if I didn't check under P! That was the first place I checked. I didn't know if they had their books in sections like mystery, fiction, romance etc. So their system is any book by someone with the last name starting with P are all grouped together?! After letting her know that I had already been smart enough to check P she replied "Well, they must be all gone."

GEEZ THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!!! She really takes her job at the INFORMATION desk seriously doesn't she!

Then we go to check out and that gal behind the desk also goes on about her business as if we aren't even there? Were we invisble? Had the sun blazed so brightly today it blinded everybody??

I HATE it when people don't acknowledge you. HATE HATE HATE it. That is one of my pet peeves. Just a polite "One moment I'll be righ with you". Is that too much to ask?? I don't think so considering their jobs are listed in the CUSTOMER SERVICE FIELD!!!!

Finally she stopped whatever she was doing and checked us out and I kid you not when the three of us next walked into Panda to pick up some Chinese to go the lady there did the same thing!!! The three of us stood there hot and irritated as she stirred the vats of food, wiped the counter, shook the vats to mix up the food. We were the only people at the freaking counter, I know she saw us! But she was going to take her own sweet time and not let us know that she saw us, she just didn't want to help us until she felt like it.


They should just make everything self serve from now on so that nobody has to actually be in customer service and help anyone. We could just check out our own books, get our own food, ring up our own clothing. Heaven forbid anybody interact anymore. Maybe the next president should run on the platform of every person for themselves!



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