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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Nothing like a good trip to the doctor when you think you have scurvy (a few weeks ago) to make you feel like a giant whale. When I had to step on the scale I was quite surprised at the weight on there. I actually thought I was feeling and looking better, so if that is the case than what did I look like a few months ago when I felt like Shamus long lost sister?

I came to the conclusion that I needed to get my butt in gear and do something about it. For years and years I played the weight game, obsessive exercising, dieting, etc to the point where it really played with my body and I felt like it was getting to mental about it. I vowed that I would not do any of the crazy diets or whatnot once I had children. I didn't want to have some massive heart attack just to look good. After I had G my weight snapped right back and I even lost extra weight and felt pretty good about myself. I can't say the same thing after Little One was born! I'm still trying to get in shape from that baby and she is almost three!

I go through periods where I am more healthy than others but I have a hard time getting motivated, plus I have a husband who is tall and thin and can eat a bag of Oreos at 11:00 pm and never change a pound.

Never one for soda pop, I've always been more of a water or Crystal Light or juice fan...this last month all of a sudden I was craving anything and everything that had bubbles in it. I all but abandoned any other form of beverage and started going cukoo for soda pop. After my visit to the doctor I knew one thing I needed to do was cut that soda pop out of my diet!! For the last week especially I have had nothing but water, tons and tons of ice cold water which has been so nice. I crave it! I have also been watching what I am putting in my gut AND I have been going on walks! Tonight I really really didn't want to go but I just got up and threw on my walking shoes and and pair of shorts and tshirt, grabbed my Ipod cranked up the My Chemical Romance and hit the road. I was so proud of myself for doing it. The air was nice and cool and it was so great to just walk along setting my own pace, not having to talk or think. I could just listen to music and enjoy the beautiful neighborhoods. In my mind I framed different scenes I passed the way I would if I would have had my camera with me. There was an enormous tree that was so beautiful I couldn't believe how large the trunk was! The branches were all craggy and stretched far beyond the little house below it. There was a wonderful home with bright red window boxes and bunches of sunny yellow flowers spilling over the edge. I saw a backyard with a fantastic retro slide, the kind you saw in parks when you were a kid. Metal and shapped like an elephant where you slide down the trunk! There was a cheery cantaloupe colored dumpster filled to the brim in front of a house that was being remodled....I didn't know dumpsters could be so bright and fun!

I kept a good swift pace down the tree lined streets making it back just before dark, energized to continue editing another clients photographs.

I am officially on a "Summer Break" from photography, to give myself a rest so that I can continue to be passionate about it when I start back up in July. Once I finish these last few clients pictures I can sit back and relax and enjoy my vacation!!


Blogger CreativeOutletDesigns said...

yeah for you Susan! I'm proud of you! Loved imaging the "framed shots" you were "taking" in your mind as you went out on your walk.

glad that you are taking a summer break too!!! HUGS!

June 15, 2007 at 7:55 AM  

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