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Monday, June 4, 2007

Summertime summertime sum sum summertime....

I defy anybody to listen to LILY ALLEN and not smile.
She is one of the freshest voices to come around in a long time, her lyrics are fantastic and witty and cutting all the while sounding so upbeat! I just absolutely adore her CD ALRIGHT STILL. Now there are two versions, the explicit lyrics and the "clean" version. I opted for the clean version, so that I could rock out with the little chickens and not worry!

Today was what summer is all about! We started off with a playdate with Kate the Great and Sister Ceci. They are ready to embark on a lovely ten day journey so I thought it would be nice for their mom to get a little free time to get things in order! The girls played and played and were able to head out to the pool, I have dubbed the backyard the "Country Club" with the pool and towels for everyone and swimsuits and the playset and other various entertaining things to do. The girls all ate beneath the kids umbrella table under the shade of a tree and it make me laugh how they looked like they were at some posh resort. Towels wrapped around them, sunglasses on, arms stretched over head as they chatted and noshed on mac and cheese and sandwhiches on fun and funky new IKEA plastic childrensware that was purchased for just such an occassion.

After the girls headed home we jetted down the street for another playdate that G was invited on. Ever since I did pictures for this family we have started hooking the girls up to play and they are so fun together. I have to say how really awesome it is when I go into the house of someone I have done pictures for and there is my work displayed in 16X20 format on their wall! She couldn't wait to show me how great the pictures looked framed, and when her son came out and said wide eyed "HEY YOU'RE THE ONE WHO TOOK OUR PICTURES!" I couldn't help feeling a little like a celebrity!! I know, I'm a big dork!!

At some point the playdate moved a block over (with my permission) to another friends house with her own mini water park in her back yard courtesy of her clever husband who rigged up an awesome playland/water park from playground equipment! When Little One woke up we walked over to join the fun and visit and watch the kids be crazy. I love visiting with this friends, she is just one of those people you know is 100% genuine. She is funny and smart and not put on in any way shape or form. She is currently working on my new website which I can't wait to unveil!! I just need to finish giving her pics for the galleries and we'll be good to go!

After her house we moved across the street to visit D and the kids for some laughs and then home. We were supposed to go bowling with my favorite Davis family but alas little Soph was not well so we had to postpone. :( I hope she feels better soon!

Walking home I reflected back on my summer days, the house hopping the sunshine, the smell of suntan lotion. Friends, friends and more friends from morning until night with maybe a pit stop or two inside a nice air conditioned house to break and suck on a popcicle.

These are the days to cherish and the times that we're making memories for our children that will last a lifetime!


Blogger Carin Davis said...

The Davis family wasn't the same with out our bowling date... Not only did we suffer, having a sick baby on the premisis...we missed an evening of friends and laughter. Let's get together soon!

I loved reading about your day in the neighborhood!! What a wonderful place to live...with so many wonderful people!! It brought back memories!!

June 4, 2007 at 10:15 PM  

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