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Monday, October 15, 2007

I've Chosen My Next Book

This months choice is....

Wonderful Tonight By Pattie Boyd
I LOVE books about musicians and bands, I have a lovely collection of books and coffee table books on the Beatles and John Lennon. I have books on The Grateful Dead, Keith Moon, Crosby, Stills and Nash and on and on. Just because I read the book does not mean I have to be a fan of the music or even the person. I am fascinated by the lifestyle....especially the over indulged youthful musicians of the 60's. So knowing this imagine how excited I was to learn that Pattie Boyd herself had written an autobiography!! Pattie Boyd was married at one time or another to George Harrison of Beatles fame and Eric Clapton. She inspired some of the most beautiful love songs ever written and was an amazingly beautiful model.

This is my current book and I have to say I am sailing through it so I might be posting a new choice soon....and I'm pretty sure it will be Clapton the new autobiography by Eric Clapton :)


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