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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Little Models and Back to School fashion

This week the girls have been asked to model some back to school fashions on a local t.v. program. We went today for their fittings at Gymboree. So many cute and funky things on the walls and racks! As their mother I know their style and personalities so of course I saw certain outfits that I knew they would ROCK! I'm used to my funky fun Ebay boutique fashions like Ivylane, Lilyplum, Limevine and the like...so after those fantastic clothes I have to say Gymboree sort of of pales in comparison but they did have some new fun lines.
Well it was a little chaotic due to other fittings ending when we arrived and we were the last two to be fitted so I'm sure the gals that were in charge of the segment were ready to call it a day! I wanted to add my two cents in on what would look good on the girls but they were the professionals so I had to take a back seat. This is the outfit they chose for G

When I first saw the dress I thought it was adorable, it is from the Equestrian Club line, very Ralph Lauren looking. But on her it just looks sort of eh. I like a longer dress and this style is above the knee which is totally fine but I'm not used to her looking so "school girl" ish!! The whole outfit reminds me of something my mom would have put me in for school in the 70's! And I guess with that retro feel everything has right now it is right in fashion. G wanted desperately to wear the leopard rain slicker and leopard rain boots that they had and she was also begging to wear the rock sweater that was pink with the blinged out crown on the pockets so that tells you a little bit about her flare for fashion!

This is what they choose for Little One

Loving the shoes and the vest, so stinkin' cute!! And she can pull the knickers off although I can't picture me having her wear those to school! Again so retro, I had numerous pairs of regular and courd knickers with the too cool argyle socks. I even had a courd blazer to match the courd knickers in grade school!! I think back and laugh at this little business person outfit with a blazer!
The whole outfit, also from the Equestrian Club line didn't really go together if you ask me? But it had also been a long day and I had to truck from one end of the valley to the other to get them to the fitting and both girls were tired and so maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me? The most hilarious part are these cork screw clips that they are going to put on Little One that are about the furthest thing from anything I would ever stick on my girl!!

This is the kind of hair accessory I would and will buy for my girl! Jen's new hair accessory line is killing me!

Look at
this one!

So much cuter than any corkscrew clippies at Gymboree!!!!


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