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Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Night and All Is Well

I just adore browsing on Etsy. If they had an "I heart Etsy" bumper sticker I would....well, I wouldn't put it on my car, but I would hang it in my office to remind me of what an enjoyable site it truly is!
One of my favorite things to look at on Etsy is the art. There are some amazingly talented artists that deserve to be seen. One of my favorite artists is Alicia Block . The things she accomplishes with her camera(s) amaze me.
The colors are lucious, the images so memorable. This particular image of the single light is availabe in her shop as a card only. I own this card! Before purchasing it I found myself coming back to her shop to look at it over and over again. Something about it just struck me. I hope that at some point she will have it available in a print, I would love to frame it and hang it in my home!
Another unique artist is Badbird. With his/her whimsical designs that make you smile.
I adore this one called "Suspicious Bird". Check out that face on that little bird! I love the placement of the characters in Badbird's art. Sometimes there is a large space and this tiny little rabbit or bird sitting just so. This is Badbird piece that I have considered purchasing because it reminds me of Little One. It is called "Bunny Girl". I don't know why it reminds me of my Little One.....she does not have a bunny hat....I think it is the way the child is standing that reminds me of my girl. Or maybe the expression on her sweet little face.
The last two nights Bri has been watching the second movie in the triology of Lord of The Rings. I freaking love those movies! I am soooooooooo not a "middle earth" type of gal. My brother was obsessed with the J.R.R. Tolkein books when we were growing up so of course anything that interested him I wanted nothing to do with i.e. Lionel Richie, Pink Floyd, Watership Down, camoflauge clothing and things of that nature.
But the Lord of the Rings movies are stellar! I could watch those movies over and and over and have watched them over and over. I remember when Little One was a newborn the third movie of the triology had come out on DVD. I actually looked forward to her getting up to eat so that I could watch the movie while I waited to see if she fell asleep. So tonight was fun to remember how great Viggo was and to marvel over the supreme acting skills of Sir Ian Mckellen! I believe at one point tonight I actually said the words "I want to marry Galdalf!"

I have two more wonderful photo shoots edited and three to do and then I'm caught up for this weekend. I'm looking forward to the canyon shoot, it is always nice to get some fresh air....let's just hope I can refrain from complaining about the heat and sweating so profusely that people wonder if I might actually disolve into a puddle right before their eyes!


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