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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sure to Become a Classic

G: Well Lucas, you're going to be my boyfriend now!

Lucas: Oh no! Now two girls want me to be their boyfriend. You and Audrianna.

G: So figure it out Lucas, are you going to marry me or Audrianna?

Lucas: Well G I will marry you!

G: YES!!

Audrianna: I guess I'll go and see if Curtis wants to be my boyfriend.

G: Awwww Audrianna you can have Lucas if you want to.

Audrianna: That's okay, maybe Curtis isn't marrying anyone so I'll take him!

(*Recounting of story as told by G at dinner last night)

Thus far in her young life G has done quite a good job at picking her beau's. The boys seem to always be cute as well as smart! Last year her "true love" was Charlie. Charlie came up to her shoulder and was wise on all things Saturn. When I asked what she and Charlie would do G would tell me in a wistful voice that they would sit together in the reading area and Charlie would tell her all about Saturn.

This year she has already had one boyfriend Victor. Victor is adorable with bright red hair and a cute smile.Then there was drama one day when Victor was calling out his goodbyes to G and ran headfirst into the playground gate, slicing open his face. G quickly called a meeting with the other girls to discuss what would happen. Would he ever come back to school...would he look the same after he had stitches...She promptly announced the following day in school when Victor had indeed returned with stitches that "I hope all of you know Victor is my date!" She made him a drawing and recounted the story for all who would listen of the fateful day his goodbyes to her caused him injury.

Perhaps due to the stitches she has now moved onto Lucas. I told her that I could appreciate that both boys were very smart (as I've worked with them in class on my volunteer day). I asked her today why she moved on Lucas she replied "Well he's very talented. Plus, when I asked him today if he remembered that I was going to marry him he said yes!"

There you go! It's like a little soap opera. Wouldn't it be great if Charlie was suddenly trasferred to the school, sporting a I "heart" Saturn shirt and a smile. Imagine the drama of her having to choose between her "true love" her "date" and her "future husband"!!!!


Blogger Georgia said...

That is so funny! I love how kids have their little crushes :)

November 7, 2007 at 4:49 PM  

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